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Price: $299.95

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment

Complete Core Rifleman System with extra's

Genuine US Military Issue!


Condition: USED - Good condition, no holes, rips, or tears. CamelBak Bladder, Lashing Straps, and Buckle Kit are NEW.

Color: Woodland Camouflage


These are the ultimate Backpacks / Fighting Load Carrying Equipment for all your needs. Combat approved. Main Rifleman Backpack can hold up to 120 LB. Frame and design help distribute the weight for comfort and heavier load carrying. With this you get two backpacks so whether you need to go on a extended trip or just a 1 to 3 day trip you have the pack you need. And if you need to take even more the Assault/Patrol pack hooks to the Main Pack and both have MOLLE webbing to attach any MOLLE type gear. Great for field operations, camping, hiking, hunting, scouting, and all other outdoor activity's where you need to take your gear.

This 27pcs Core Rifleman system contains the following items:

  • (1) MOLLE II Patrol Pack NSN - 8465-01-465-2088
  • (1) MOLLE II Main Rucksack Pack NSN - 8465-01-465-2289
  • (1) MOLLE II Sleep System Carrier NSN - 8465-01-465-2124
  • (1) MOLLE II Shoulder Straps NSN - 8465-01-465-2133
  • (2) MOLLE II Sustainment Pouches NSN - 8465-10-465-2152
  • (1) MOLLE II Kidney Pad Waist Belt NSN - 8465-01-465-2109
  • (1) MOLLE #1602 Pack Frame MFG. Down East INC. (See Frame information below) NSN - 8465-01-519-6440
  • (4) MOLLE II ALICE Clip Adapter NSN - 8465-01-465-2062
  • (1) MOLLE II K-Bar Adapter NSN - 8465-01-465-2272
  • (2) MOLLE II Lashing Straps NSN - 8465-01-465-2095 (NEW)
  • (1) MOLLE II 7pcs Equipment Buckle Repair Kit NSN - 8465-01-465-2080 (NEW)
  • (1) MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest NSN - 8465-01-465-2056
  • (3) MOLLE II Double Mag Pouches (M16A2 - 30RD Carbine) NSN - 8465-01-513-4058
  • (2) MOLLE II Frag Hand Grenade Pouches NSN - 8465-01-465-2093
  • (2) MOLLE II Canteen/Utility Pouches SDS Part# F205411
  • (1) MOLLE II Waist Pack with Stowable Straps NSN - 8465-01-465-2058
  • (1) MOLLE II Camelbak Storm Hydration Carrier NSN - 8465-01-465-2131
  • (1) MOLLE II Camelbak Hydration Bladder NSN - 8465-10-465-2096 (NEW)

This is the latest version (Generation 3) of the black frames. Both generation's of frame's before this frame had problems with cracking and failing under stress. These frame's are stronger and made from a polymer for improved field durability. If you are using a black MOLLE II frame make sure it is Generation 3 or 4 and manufactured by DOWN EAST INC. or you may end up with the insignificant predecessors to this frame. 

Three years of extensive field testing by the USMC and the US ARMY drove the evolution of a pack frame that is:

  • Lightweight (2.2 lbs)
  • Made from a polymer and a painstakingly researched molding process for improved field durability.
  • Designed with an innovative rib configuration that allows the frame to flex around the soldier’s body for load bearing comfort and increased range of motion, yet is rigid enough to be stable while supporting the MOLLE’s 120 lbs rated load capability.
  • Versatile with multiple load attachment points


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